Argentina media give their verdict on Chelsea’s new attempts to sign Enzo Fernandez


Chelsea are back in to try and sign Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandez, and everyone is once again giving their versions of the situations.

Chelsea fans will be refraining from getting too excited again after the deal looked as good as done earlier in the window, for it to then stall. I don’t even think it was off the table anyway, but it looks to have started up once again this week as Chelsea make a late attempt to try and sign him.

Record in Portugal are already reporting that a new offer has gone in and been rejected by Benfica. Let’s see what the Argentina media are saying about it, baring in mind this is once again another fast moving situation and these quotes are from last night.

🚨Chelsea’s latest offer for Enzo Fernandez includes €100m+players. (via @Record_Portugal ) #CFC #SLB — ChelsTransfer (@ChelsTransfer) January 24, 2023

Gaston Edul of TyC Sports in Argentina is very reliable when it comes to Argentinian football news, and his latest words have been cited and translated below.

🚨 Enzo Fernandez’s entourage know that Chelsea will try to sign him again in this January window. Enzo will not disrespect Benfica and continue playing normally. Then, it’s up to the clubs if the agreement will be reached. #CFC ( @gastonedul ) — Chelsea Dodgers 🧢 (@TheBlueDodger) January 24, 2023

“When Enzo traveled to Argentina weeks ago he was expecting his transfer to Chelsea would be closed. Chelsea told Benfica they were ready to trigger the clause. Rui Costa traveled to London to close the operation, but Chelsea offered the lower fee.” #CFC — Chelsea Dodgers 🧢 (@TheBlueDodger) January 24, 2023

“Enzo will not agree anything with Chelsea right now. If agreement is reached between the clubs, then he would be open to join as he would love to play in the Premier League, but he doesn’t want to disrespect Benfica and will continue playing normally.” #CFC — Chelsea Dodgers 🧢 (@TheBlueDodger) January 24, 2023

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