Cristiano Ronaldo clearly sent massage to Todd Boehly amid Chelsea transfer


If Todd Boehly needed any firmer proof of why steering clear of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer was the correct move, Wednesday probably offered the strongest indication. Walking down the tunnel in a supposed hump at not featuring in Manchester United’s impressive 2-0 win over Spurs at Old Trafford signalled a player again placing his own ego above the overall spirit of the team.


United have improved under Erik ten Hag, mainly due to Ronaldo’s absence and the tactical improvement seen with having more mobile attackers to implement a coherent pressing structure and speed in transition. United have now beaten Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs at home, all teams for whom they will be competing for a Champions League qualification spot. The trend in all of those victories was Ronaldo watching on from the bench.


At a club who have not enjoyed many highs at their home ground in recent years, Wednesday would have been another positive step for Ten Hag before the clash against Chelsea on Saturday night at Stamford Bridge. But it was slightly scuppered by Ronaldo’s antics. Not only did he storm down the tunnel alone, with cameras capturing the moment, he reportedly left the stadium too.

Ronaldo’s selfish tendencies have been mostly justified by his match-winning displays on the biggest of occasions throughout an astonishing career. The relentless pursuit of personal accolades have propelled him into the debate over the greatest of all time. But now, that character streak is not benefitting his teammate’s pursuit of success, it is taking attention away from them. Ten Hag was forced to confront the issue in his post-match press conference.


“I will deal with that tomorrow, not today. We are now celebrating this victory,” he said.

It is not the first disciplinary issue with the 37-year-old this season, and it is unlikely to be the last given his new status as a substitute. This would be the complete antithesis of what Chelsea are attempting to build with Graham Potter . In his first interview last month, Potter stressed the importance of “human values” within his squad, the importance of respect and good communication.

“Our job is to create a team that will compete for the top, we will create a group that respects each other and loves to work together,” Potter said. “I can say that it is a combination of football and human values.”


Ronaldo’s antics prove the circus that follows the superstar around. No matter how much the glamour of his legacy may attract Boehly, there is overwhelming evidence now from a tactical and personality point of view, that there are better ways for Chelsea to invest in the stars of the future.

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