“He almost never gets it wrong”, “He’s quick and very strong” – Neymar picks Manchester United and Chelsea players while naming 5 best defenders in the world


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) forward Neymar has chosen five of the best defenders in the world and has included Manchester United and Chelsea players. Neymar has been destroying defenses throughout his career and has started the new season in fine fashion.

The Brazilian has bagged nine goals and seven assists in eight appearances and Ligue 1 defenders have had nightmares trying to deal with him. However, the former Barcelona winger has chosen the five toughest opponents he has come across during his mesmerizing career in an interview with DAZN. The five defenders he has found most difficult to play against are:

Liverpool – Virgil van Dijk

“Playing against Van Dijk is tough because as a centre-back, he’s so strong and intelligent. He knows when it’s the right time to close you down and when to go in for a tackle. That makes it harder. It’s harder to play against intelligent centre-backs. They don’t make mistakes.”

Manchester City-Ruben Dias

“Ruben Dias is a very good centre- back. He’s quick and strong. He has quality as well, so that makes it hard to play against him.”

Chelsea – Kalidou Koulibaly

“The same (as Dias) He’s quick and very strong.”

Manchester United – Raphael Varane

“I’ ve played against Varane many times. He’s a very good centre-back. He’s quick and intelligent. His positioning is very good. He’s a top player. He almost never gets it wrong. That’s why he’s won so much.”

Real Madrid – Antonio Rudiger 

“I like Rudiger. He’s a centre-back who strikes fear into you. He’s very strong and big! Some forwards get a bit scared. I don’t, but I think many forwards do get a bit scared!”

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