Former Premier League star slams Anthony Taylor for Richarlison call during Chelsea vs Tottenham


Former Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster has slammed Anthony Taylor and VAR for not adjudging Richarlison to have been ‘offside’ for Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s equaliser at 1-1 during Chelsea vs Tottenham. The Battle of the Bridge act two unfolded in front of everyone’s eyes on Super Sunday over the weekend . The first act saw multiple players get into fights with each other as Mauricio Pochettino saw his Lilywhites side throw away the Premier League title back in 2016.

Fast forward to 2022 and the latest tale saw two managers in the form of Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel lock horns o ver certain decisions made in the latter part of the contest. The first boiling point came when Rodrigo Bentancur was adjudged to have stolen the ball fairly from Kai Havertz. About 40 seconds later, Hojbjerg scored. Next, in the dying embers of the contest, Cristian Romero’s hair tug on Marc Cucurella was missed by Taylor and not adjudged to have been a red card offence by VAR, something which Spurs capitalised on as they netted in the same phase of play from the corner in injury time.

“I don’t think just some of the fans think that,” Tuchel said on the refereeing injustices in his post-match press conference . “I can assure you the whole dressing room of us, every single person, thinks that. I can’t understand how the first goal is not offside and I can’t understand when a player is pulled by their hair, the other player stays on the pitch.

“Pull someone else’s hair, stay on the pitch and attack the last corner. This is for me without any explanation and I don’t want to accept it. Both goals should not stand and it’s a fair result because we were brilliant, deserved to win. This is my point of view.”

He then went on to clarify whether or not he wanted to see Taylor banned from future Blues fixtures, comments that have put him potentially in trouble with the FA, who have now charged Tuchel and Conte with “alleged improper behaviour” relating to their conduct after the game in west London. He then added on whether he wanted to see Taylor banned:

“Maybe it would be better. Maybe it would be better. But honestly, we also have VAR to help make the right decision. Since when can players be pulled by hair? Since when is that [not a foul]? If he does not see it, I do not blame him. I didn’t see it. But we have people at VAR who check this. Then you see it and how can this not be a free-kick and a red card? “This doesn’t even had to do with the referee in this case. If he does not see something, that’s why we have people to check if there is a decisive error going on.”

Despite the second Spurs equaliser honing a lot more of the talk on social media, ex-Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster pointed out an incidence in the first one that went against Edouard Mendy. Richarlison was standing in front of the Senegal international as Hojbjerg hit his shot. Neither Taylor or Mike Dean the VAR official overturned the decision. Sky Sports commentator and analyst Jamie Carragher agreed with the officials but Foster on the other hand, disagrees with the overall outcome of that one specific moment.

“Richarlison was offside [for Hojberg’s goal],” he said in the latest episode of Ben Foster’s Cycling Goalkeeper YouTube channel. “As a goalkeeper, you cannot move until the ball has gone past that attacker — Edouard Mendy has to take a look around him because he can’t see the ball. It’s just common sense.”

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