“I actually earn more than Serie A players and it makes me laugh” – OnlyFans model who had an affair with Chelsea star says she buys dinner for Serie A players


Paola Saulino, a OnlyFans model who allegedly
had an affair with a Chelsea player, has said that
she is happy and proud of her earnings. In fact,
the model suggests that she is making a fortune
greater than some Serie A footballers, whom she
has gladly paid for at dinners.

Last month, she opened up about her fling with
a Chelsea player to the Daily Star. The identity of
the Blues ace was not revealed but the model
claimed that he was already in a relationship
during their affair, something she found out
about later.

Now, on a lighter note, she talks
about how well she’s doing in her life through
her OnlyFans account and the affluent manner in
which she goes about it.

  • “I actually earn more than Serie A
    players! Not the biggest ones but
    sometimes I meet young players who
    play maybe not for the top top clubs
    in the league and I have fun sending
    their name in my fantasy football
    WhatsApp group.
  • “I am the only girl and there are 14
    guys who are close friends and I write
    things like, ‘Hi guys, I am in Ibiza, I
    am having dinner and this player is
    here, is he any good?’ just to have fun.
    They then check their salary and many
    times I earn more than them and it
    makes me laugh.”

The model, who was dumped by the Chelsea
player, has been in the adult business via
OnlyFans for over a year now. She also shared a
fun story about a time when she was joined by a
couple of players, one playing for Fiorentina and
the other for Hellas Verona. She ended up paying
their bills as well.
The 32-year-old said:

  • “Last time I was with some Serie A
    football guys and I offered many gin
    and tonics to them. There was one
    who played for Fiorentina and another
    one was in Verona at the time. They
    have sat on my table while I am
    having dinner with some girlfriends.
  • “They ordered many drinks and
    once the bill came, the waitress
    brought it to me and I paid for me,
    my girls and all of them who got
    drunk, it was a funny story.”

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